OEE is providing the engineering service for planning and development concerning renewable energy utilization, research and analytical prediction, and design and supervision for the implementation.


●The ocean energy utilization system with smart grid
●Shore-fixed wave power generation system
●Wave energy absorption block
●Green house with biomass cogeneration system
●Solar heat dryer
●The system plan on marine energy utilization

  ●The ocean energy utilization system with smart grid


   ●Shore-fixed wave power generation system


 ●Conceptual diagram and Pilot plant of Fixed type Wave Power Generation System
(OEE scope of works:Basic design for the total system,Detailed design for the Blow-hole
and Buffer tank and Fabrication and installation of the Buffer tank )

● Green house with biomass cogeneration system

Solar heat dryer

   ●Pilot plant of Water desalination system by utilizing Solar energy

Research and Analytical prediction
We have not only computers and work stations for CAD and numerical analysys(including 3D) but also internet linkage sysytem with FOCUS supercomputer.

●Analysis prediction model
●Solar heat dryer analytical predicition
●Elastic wave probing
●Elastic-plasticity analysis(FEM)

    ●Analysis prediction model(Simulation and surface models) 


      ●Solar heat dryer analytical prediction


     ●Elastic wave probing example

     ●Elastic-plasticity analysis(FEM) example

Design and Supervision

Based on the planning, research and analytical prediction, we implement the basic and detailed design. During the design phase, the necessary structure plan, design documents(including 3DCAD)and various application forms will be made .
In addition, we perform the design supervision and CM support in the construction stage.

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